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I am the mother of five boys, and one girl ranging in age from 3 to 23; they are the reason I chose birth work as a career path. Being able to appreciate first hand the importance of support during birth and the postpartum period really influenced my life’s work. I have been working with women and families for over 20 years as a breastfeeding consultant. In my 18+ years as a birth doula, I have had the privilege of accompanying hundreds of families along their birth journey. In 2003, I made the decision to expand my services to include support of the postpartum family. It is work I am deeply passionate about. 

As a monitrice, I believe in the power of birth. That power extends to honoring the decisions that all women and families must make for their labors and births. Whether a family wants a natural birth, a birth with medications, or if they want to schedule a cesarean, I am proud to support them fully in the choices they make. It is their birth experience, and I am grateful that they are sharing it with me. Supporting VBAC births is something I love to do. I had a cesarean with my first child and then went on to have vaginal births. I utilize my years of experience, my knowledge of optimal labor positioning, labor massage, and positive coaching to guide families.  My goal is to assist the family in working together confidently. A family consists of anyone who is choosing to bring a child lovingly into the world. Two women, two men, single parents, a group, or any other variation is welcomed. All I ask is that they want to have a positive birth and postpartum experience.

Through my years in assisting families in birth, I found that there is a serious need for respectful, dependable postpartum support. This is a critical time for new and growing families, and my goal is to assist them in making a smooth and confidant transition to accepting a new baby (or babies) into their lives. My focus is on postpartum nutrition and rest, infant-family bonding, and assisting families in making their day-to-day lives run smoothly. I also love to organize anything from the baby room to the family kitchen. 

My hobbies are my work! I believe in mentorship, and often have a new doulas who I am counseling. Information sharing and education are the backbone of my practice – I attend workshops and trainings regularly to keep abreast of new technologies and philosophies that circulate through the pregnancy and postpartum world. I am very proud of the work I do, and believe that the support being shared with new families is doing its small part towards building a stronger community.


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