Calm Birth Meditation & Childbirth Classes

Calm Birth gives you new tools in the form of meditation and breath work so that you have more options for being successful in your desires around birth. From the Introduction to Calm Birth by David Chamberlain, Ph.D.". . . Calm Birth gives women and birth professionals practical means to improve the quality of childbirth. Like the venerable educational programs inspired by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, Dr. Fernand Lamaze, and Dr. Robert Bradley, Calm Birth seeks to empower women for natural childbirth and offers ideas and practical methods for them to succeed. Like the previous programs, Calm Birth recognizes the central challenge posed by fear and pain, though its solution is different, and it recognizes the importance of breathing, though it teaches a form of blended breathing into both the energy body and the physical body, reflecting a new vision of childbirth."


Please Contact Us to register or for more information. You can also reach us by phone at 303-642-5123

These classes are geared toward families wanting to have a natural childbirth (or those who want to delay medication for as long as possible), educate themselves about all of their options, and have a desire to learn new ways of coping with anxiety, stress, and the intensity of labor. All classes are currently held in Arvada, CO near Old Town.

Group Classes
Classes are held from 9:00am -3:30pm with a 1 hour lunch break on 2 separate Saturdays.
13 hours in total

Cost: Sliding scale $220-$280
Minimum of 2 couples
Cost covers materials valued at $50

Private classes for a couple
2 four hour classes on 2 separate Saturdays
Sliding scale from $420-$480
Cost covers materials valued at $50

We require a deposit of $100 for all group and private classes. Registration and deposit is due at time of signing up.


We cover:
Basics about labor and delivery
Meditation and breathing techniques
Choices for childbirth and birth plans
Fetal positioning
Communication skills
Fears in labor and birth
Challenges in labor such as emergencies, cesarean, etc.
Comfort measures for labor

These classes do not go in depth into the postpartum period or breastfeeding. We're happy to add this information on in a 3rd class for an additional fee if there is interest.

About the instructors:
Stacie Meredith & Pauli Durrow


VBAC Classes:
Pauli offers private classes designed for families who have experienced a previous cesarean birth but are now planning to have a vaginal birth. Classes are held in Arvada, CO. Couples clarify their previous birth experience(s) and are given the opportunity to discuss any unresolved feelings. Birth options and criteria for trial of labor and VBAC, including the risks and benefits, are discussed. Communication skills and coping techniques are reviewed. Included are exercises and positive visualizations. Also discussed are ways to prevent a cesarean, and options if a cesarean becomes necessary.

Cost is $140 per 2.5 hour class.

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