Birth Doula Services

The benefits of having a Birth Doula accompany you through your pregnancy and birth cannot be understated. Several studies have demonstrated that the continuous emotional support, physical comfort, and encouragement of a birth doula has these beneficial effects:

Doula & Family

* 25% shorter labor

* 50% reduction in the cesarean section rate

* 40% reduction in the requests for epidural anesthesia

* 30%-40% decrease in the need for forceps, vacuum extraction, pitocin and narcotics

* Greater success in establishing breastfeeding

* Decrease in the incidence of postpartum depression

The With Women birth doula team is dedicated to supporting the individual women in her personal birth journey. You can choose to work with an experienced doula, a doula-in-training, or work with two or more doulas together to meet your particular needs.

Birth Doula Fees

Our fee structure is based in the experience level of the doula, as well as the personal circumstances of the birthing family. Many doulas are willing to trade or barter in exchange for a reduction in fee if there are financial concerns. If you're interested in bartering for services please let us know when you contact us for more information!

Experienced Birth Doula ~ $800

Two Experienced Birth Doulas working together ~ $900

Newer Doula ~ $550

Two or more Newer Birth Doulas working together ~ $750

Doula for a Scheduled Cesarean ~ $450


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